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These are the Nine Questions which will be used, one at a time*, at each circle meeting:

  1. What am I grateful to have survived and accomplished? Who or what has empowered me in my life so far?
  2. What negative beliefs about myself and/or women do I want to release? What healing, helpful beliefs do I want to affirm and live?
  3. How have I found and followed my own Inner Wisdom? How will I continue to do so?
  4. What are the spiritual and physical practices and resources that empower me?
  5. What obstacles to using my innate power as a woman have I/we encountered? What are some strategies for dealing with them? How do I stop giving away my power?
  6. What can I imagine, and what do I want for my good and the good of all?
  7. What concrete actions could I/we take to manifest what I/we want?
  8. How can I live with greater connection and support with women and girls in my circles, community, and the world?
  9. Your choice!

(*–NOTE: Circle participants may choose to use one or more parts of a multi-part question.)

The Ninth Question is free choice because it is important for women to experience, in this way, the power of choosing for themselves.

The Nine Agreements and Nine Questions are borrowed with permission from The Future for Wo/men by Marchiene & Leigh.  Visit their website at http://www.networktoempowerwomen.org/.