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There are Nine Agreements that govern all Sophie’s Café meetings:

  1. We join together in a circle, each bringing her own life experience to create a center of wisdom and light, reflective of the wisdom and light in all of us.  By unifying our unique expressions of the light colors of the rainbow, we create a white light of peace, silence, truth and love.
  2. We all listen as each one speaks in turn, using a symbolic object. We do not interrupt, cross-talk, or give advice during the meeting.
  3. We honor and respect the confidentiality of what is spoken in the circle.
  4. We honor each one's contribution, listen without judgment, and support each other in a loving manner.
  5. We all take responsibility for the process of the group, honoring time constraints and the agreements that guide the circle.
  6. We exercise our personal right to refrain from any activity that violates our boundaries.
  7. We all rely on the Wisdom of the circle's center and in each of us.  Any member of the circle may request a moment of silence to breathe and re-center.
  8. In between meetings, we connect with each other and offer support as needed. We especially reach out to those who are new to the circle meetings and process.
  9. In order to accomplish the mission of Sophie’s Café, we will each reach out to a many women as possible and invite them to join us.

The Nine Agreements and Nine Questions are borrowed with permission from The Future for Wo/men by Marchiene & Leigh.  Visit their website at http://www.networktoempowerwomen.org/.